Jane in flames Pressebild Adrian Markoc

Love and courage change the world ✨

Jane in flames is a multilingual singer-songwriter from Zurich. With a natural radiance and a warm, ready smile, she draws you into her world. Her melancholic yet hopeful indie-folk/pop tracks open a space to feel and embrace all of what life has to offer, uncovering the beauty of being human. 

In addition to German and English, she speaks French, Spanish and Italian. “Italy is like a state of happiness for me” says Jane in flames. This is one of the reasons why you can always find a bilingual song in her repertoire.

Her personal highlights include the opening of the Skylights Festival on Lake Zurich and Tour de Suisse supporting Seven and Pegasus as well as some international concerts in Spain, Italy and Portugal. By now, the Swiss artist has played on more than 70 stages, always inspiring us to engage heart and soul in what we do.

30.05.2024 Turm Areal Pop-Up* Winterthur
08.06.2024 Lange Nacht der Musik Kaiseraugst
27.06.2024 Dominio Pubblico – Youth Fest Metamorfo* Fondazione Teatro di Roma
04.07.2024 Waldkantine* Dübendorf
06.07.2024 Balkonkonzerte* Altdorf, Uri
* Solo
** Duo
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